Delaire The Liar - No Accident


Delaire The Liar's official music video for "NO ACCIDENT", from the EP "EAT YOUR OWN" - available now on Rude Records
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Directed by Luigi Sibona

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You know me more than I care to admit,
you called the ambulance
when I didn’t want it

Practising patience,
just kept me nervous
‘cause I think your accident
happened on purpose.

I still have a hand to hold,
You still have blood on your clothes
You only want the best for everyone else
but darling no one else comes close.

And all the ways,
you ruin my day
you say how much you hate the one
who made you this way

And all the ways,
I heard you explain
how no one could ever want someone so vain.

If that’s the case,
why did I stay?

I can stand by the bedside
of your hospital room
or I can guard the door
until you tell me not to.

I can only give as much as you’re willing to take
I can burn down the church
and build a statue in its place

My house of worship
your name in cursive
I’ll chain myself to its base.

And all the ways
you feel so ashamed
for how you look
and who you fuck
you just can’t seem to shake

And all the ways,
you said my name
torture myself thinking
I won’t catch you saying it again.

say it again.

You picked me up
when I was starving
I only got better under your arm
and I know you were terrified
but look where we hare,
I had my surgery but you got the scars.

All I know
is that if all I had to offer was to suffer in your place,
I’d bury myself the same day.

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