linking your domain

  • In this guide we’ll walk you through setting up your domain name to work on our services. First log into your domain registrar, we like to use but it should be very similar for most of them.

    If you’d rather have someone else take care of setting this up for you, please feel free to get in touch with us via where we make the arrangements for a small fee.

  • dns-1
  • Here you have two choices, change Nameservers (DNS) or update A records. First we’ll discuss Nameservers
  • dns-2
  • Our name servers are:

    1 –

    2 –

    enter these and save.

    You may need to unlock your domain, if you do just follow the prompts and remember to lock them afterwards.

  • dns-3
  • Updating the A records all you need to do is point your wildcard record (@), blank or www to our IP address:

    You can also set up a subdomain if you wish.

  • dns-4
  • dns-5
  • Now head to your folio control panel and select import/export and domain mapping.

    Here’ you need to fill out your domain name and click the primary option if you wish to use it as the main domain. Feel free to add others to the list, say if you have .net, .com and domains you can add all of them and just set one as the main that the others will divert to.

  • dns-6
  • dns-7
  • It may take up to 24 hours for the domain name changes to take place across the internet, and the changes to the folio account may take a couple of hours. But all being well you should be up and running.

    Remember to get in touch if you get stuck. or as we mentioned earlier, we can do all of this hard work for  you for a small fee:

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